Chinese Language Lessons

Chinese Culture Lesson Seven

Hello Everyone! This week we will be learning about someone who is a huge part of Chinese Culture, Laozi!

Laozi literally means old master but in this case I am talking about the man who started a belief system in China called Daosim (Taoism). No one is for sure exactly who he is but his work as a philosopher and as an anti- authortism activist has made him very important to history.

The story is Laozi worked in the court during the 6 century BCE. He lived at court until one day, tired of the overwhelming corruption he left. He rode a water buffalo in peasant clothing all the way to the border. When he arrived there the gateman recognized him and begged him to write down his wisdom before he left. Laozi did and then just kinda disappeared forever. His writings became known as ” Tao Te Ching”

When it came to Laozi’s teaching he was considered a little different. He started Taoism, which mean the Way. In his teachings he taught that leaders should have humility. This has two benefits of being ethical to the people who the leader shall be leader and also gives tactical advantages to a leader. He was also a firm believer of limited government. Taoism is officially one of the 5 reginzed beliefs in China, that’s how awesome it is! For more information on Taoism click here!

Thanks everyone and remember, Taoism or Daoism will give you what you are looking foron Google!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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