Adulting 101

Adulting 101

Have you ever looked at something and said “This proves it, I’m not adult enough for this?” College students, high school students, young professionals, old professionals all run into this problem.

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Well lucky for you I, Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein, have a solution for all. The Adulting 101 series. This series will be almost anything I can think of when it comes to adulting from the source. So if you need help with loans, I got you. We are going to interview a banker and get back to you! Need help changing a tire? No worries, we will chat with a mechanic and get the best advice possible for you. Winter will be helping to with her meal planning with the help of a dietitian.

I have split this into categories: Budgeting, apartment seeking/managing, Cars, Health, and job seeking!

Adulting can be hard but here we want to make it easier! If you have any topics you just have to see on here comment below on this post!

Cheers and wish us luck on this new journey!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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