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Chinese Language Lesson Ten

Hello My Loves! Before we get into the lesson I want to reach out and say to anyone who reads regularly and needs help or someone to chat with my whole family is here. This is a time where as a community we need to come together to support one another and make it through harder parts.

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With that in mind lets go over some important tools when it comes to travel! Remember, traveling will be a thing again once we make it through this crisis.

Airport jī chăng 机场
Airplane fēi jī 飞机
Flight háng bān 航班
Ticket fēi jī piào 飞机票
Pilot fēi xíng yuán 飞行员
Flight attendant fēi xíng fú wù yuán 飞行服务员
Flight number háng bān háo 航班号
Boarding gate dēng jī mén 登机门
Boarding pass dēng jī pái 登机牌
Passport hù zhào 护照
Carry-on bag suí shēn xíng li 随身行李
Suitcase shŏu tí xiāng 手提箱
Baggage xíng li 行李

So my suggestion is to practice these words out loud and then from there practice them in sentences.

For example how would one ask: What is my flight number?

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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