Chinese Language Lessons

Chinese Language Lesson Eleven

早上·好!Hello my lovely butterflys! It has been a whole week since we have chatted and I have missed you dearly! I want to do a check in with everyone. If you have any questions, looking for something specific, or just want to chat let me know in the comments below.

To start off today we will be learning about the using 好。
When 好 (hao) follows an adjective it means that not only was an action finished BUT the person liked it. In English this would be something like, I loved dinner, it tasted wonderful. So I finished it and had liked to eat it.

So next time you eat dinner with a Chinese person and they made you dinner make you, say

Wǒ chī wán wǎnfàn, wèidào hěn hǎo

By Loves!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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