Adulting 101, Winter's Recipes

Cooking Up Adults

Hello Everyone! For this post Winter and I teamed up to give you the best info possible. Before we get into the details however, we want to make this clear. This is not for any kind of weight loss. We are doing this for the general population trying to figure out how to feed themselves.

So to kick this off we are going to teach about meal planning. As an adult, one of the hardest things is figuring out what is for dinner every night. As much as we want to say pizza every time it isn’t always the best answer. We put together some time tested tips to feed oneself every day.

Tip One: Pick out what you want to eat. This means going on the internet and finding delicious recipes for the week. It can be mac and cheese Monday and stir fry Thursday with soup for lunch. Find what food makes YOU happy. Just make sure you know what you want to eat.

Tip Two: Go to the store with the pre-picked meals in mind. This means when you walk into Aldi or Kroger or Giant there is a list. The list has ingredients for the food you know you want to eat the upcoming week. This could be yogurt and fruit for breakfast or microwave pizza for dinner. What you get doesn’t actually matter, just make sure you shop for it.

Tip Three: Pick a day to cook. To be honest this can be the hardest part. Finding the time to sit down and cook the meals. It can take two hours or more to make dinner and lunch for the week. Winter looks at it as you do it all on a Sunday or a Saturday and you don’t have to spend your time doing it on Monday night when all you want to do is fall asleep.

Tip Four: Package the yummy babies! Put all you food in tupperware that is made to be you food storage, what you put in your lunch box, and what can be places in the microwave for dinner.

Just remember folks part of adulting is eating and eating is the best thing in the world, don’t let that be the part that gets cut out of your life!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein & Winter

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