My Adventures

Sugar Baby? Me?

Hello Folks! In the fall I went on a undercover adventure to the world of older men and I have come back with some fun! Just to give the readers some back story, after I went on Tinder I decided to expand my search of different apps. For this app Autumn came in to help as being our Sugar Baby. So we made an account, put her picture up, and boy did the people text in.

One of the first person we had came to us, liked our photos (all of them) and then messaged us saying “I like a shy girl, what are you looking for?” Us, being new to this app decided to be honest and said that we had no idea. He said he was looking for a gal who was willing to meet up once a week during the day for sexy times. He had a son and no wife and he wasn’t ready for anything more. He said each meeting would be $300. As tempting as that may be we kindly turned him down and said goodbye. Nice guy!

The second man we talked to was an older gentleman around 60 years old, who came into the city where we lived once a month and wanted a monthly booty call. He said he would pay well but wanted to see our face. Now, as you know felt can be a little strange in a relationship but we didn’t want to lie and say we had a different face. Autumn said this is her face. He wasn’t happy about that at all. He went off on the app cursing us out and calling us some not so nice names. We also found out in this rant that he had a wife who was not aware of his booty calls. We blocked him.

The last guy we chatted with before the app blocked us for good was a 35 year old guy, not that old really. We were a little confused what he was doing on this app. Turns out he ALSO wanted a side babe. His girlfriend was aware he was on the app (thank goodness). He was just into things his girlfriend wasn’t. Again we were offered money but Autumn kindly said that she was just looking around. He gave us a phone number and said call if we are interested. He also said he was into furries so the felt was not a turn off.

Honestly, by the time we got kicked off the app we were both happy. The people were nice enough most of the time but we had some problems when we said NO. We had to start getting a little rude about it which was not the goal. The amount of money people wanted to give us was a lot but they wanted a lot in return so makes sense. All in all we would not recommend being an app based sugar baby!

With Love
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein & Autumn

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