Chinese Language Lessons

Chinese Language Lesson

Good Morning All! Today for our lesson we will not actually be learning a new grammar point but I wanted to pass on some information to you.

For anyone that is interested there is a way to test your language skills in Mainland China and that is through a testing system called HSK. This is a standard test that really shows where your language is at. Is it perfect? Definitely not! But it is a good way to show improvement. The tests go from level one to level six and each level gets harder as you go up.

If you want to work in China or work with Chinese language speaking people have a certain level of HSK shows two major things. One it shows that you do know a little of the language and two it shows that you are willing to learn. That willingness I think is the most important part. People respect others who try hard.

Sorry for the break away I just wanted to share. To learn more about the HSK click here!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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