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The Sadistic Switch Back

Hello my lovelies! I hope everything is well and happy in your homes. Chaotic is good but sad is just not fun. If you are feeling down in the dumps check out my resources page. So yesterday I went on adventure. Berry, Horatio, and I went on an awesome hike to a place called the Trexler Nature Preserve in eastern PA. We went to see a covered bridge and come out on an adventure.

We started on a flat path. It was covered in gravel and followed a pretty river. Not super hard at all, which is good for Berry. We made it to a bridge where we crossed the water to follow the path to the truly awesome covered bridge, it looks like a barn over the water. From there we decided that our walk was to short so we crossed over and started up the blue trail.

The thing is when I mean up, I really mean up. It was a non-stop uphill sadistic switch back (Name of a Book maybe?). Everytime we thought we made it to the top the path would curve and up we would go. The baby bjorn was the true hero of the walk. When we finally made it to the top you will never guess what we saw…. BUFFALO! It was unbelievable. It kinda made the non-stop hill worth it. The way down was a much gentler hill too, which seemed unfair.

Anyway, I would recommend taking a trip if you can to see the bridge, the buffalo, and to get out as the weather keeps getting nicer.

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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