Chinese Language Lessons

My Teacher Is A Martian

Hello All! I hope things are going well. Today I want to talk about something super fun and a little odd. Martians! Not really Martians mind you but still!

The other day I was studying Chinese in my potions lab by myself when I realized studying by oneself tends to be a little lonely. I wanted a way to do this with Berry so Horatio and I could do something together during this afternoon snooze. I decided to study with Berry!

Trust me, I know this has the potential to backfire but I have adorable children’s books with amazing art to get us started! That’s where the martians come in! The first book we will be reading in Chinese is “My Teacher is a Martian”. The way I want to do this is a three part plan.

Part One: Play a game (like memory game) to do some vocab learning before we read
Part Two: Story time, we read a chapter together!
Part Three: Review what we learned together with coloring pages or something similar to pratice!

Wish me luck, write any tips, and try it yourself!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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