My Adventures

Ironton Railtrail

Hello All! So this past weekend was mothers day. To celebrate it Berry, Horatio, and I did some wonderful things together. We went to her home in the forest next to us and made breakfast. After our lovely meal of berry pancakes, we went for a walk together. The place we went to is near Allentown PA and called the Ironton Rail Trail. As you might guess it used to be a railway. What you might not guess is there is something even better an old Kiln!

This old Kiln was made in the early 1900’s. They were over 40 feet tall and were standing kilns. After 10 years of functioning they were shut down. They were shut down because the country changed the type of cement used in the area from a standing kiln type to an on the side kiln.

If the kiln wasn’t enough to entice a visit to everyone then let me give one more awesome tidbit from the area! There is an old cement phone booth that still looks the same inside. Super fun right?

So if you have the free time and want to get outside and you are in the area. Head down to the trail, take a stroll, and tell me what you are thinking!

With love!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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