My Adventures

Is it over yet?

Good Morning all! I went to yet another fantastic park for a fantastic walk. There are just a few small problems with this park.

Problem One: THE MAP IS A LIE
I kind you not folks. What looks like less than a 10 minutes walk is more than a mile. The long ones are really long as well. I went into this thinking we would get maybe three or four miles, lies! The map lied! We got closer to six. Not that I am upset about the mileage, i’m just a grump about maps.

Problem Two: The rocks
When I am in the woods I do expect rocks. The little ankle twisters are park of the love. However, this wonderful path had nothing but rocks. Sharp pointy little twisters attacking you up and down the hills as we went. It was fun but it hurt my ankles. For the next two days my felt was so sore!

So there is it folks, French Creek State Park is a beautiful park with so much to see. It also hates puppets with lying maps and sharp rocks out to eat you. Check the park out if you’re ever in eastern PA, it’s worth the visit!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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