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Pride 2020

Happy Pride Month everyone! I know this is not what we wanted for pride. We wanted large celebrations to revel in being alive and a strong community. We wanted parties and get togethers and ways to remember what pride means as a group. Sadly, that can’t happen this time. That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate, educate, and grow this June.

One way this year is to tune in to the Smithsonian’s pride celebration (which started yesterday!) It is called Project Pride. They will have concerts and history and remembrance all wrapped up into an awesome Youtube series. Check it out.

A great way also is to connect with some of the friends who are feeling sad about the lack of pride! Send them a happy pride card in the mail or a cute sticker of Facebook. The point is to keep the community connected in this tough time. I did this to a good friend I have in France. She was so excited to get my letter that she called me as soon as she had received it! She didn’t even read it yet! Snail mail is wonderful that way.

You could also spend some time on education. That behind the huge parties and floats every June is a history of pain that lead to a generation of people who fought to open the door for us. I plan on using my month for some good old fashion learning and plan on sharing what I learn. If there is anything in particular anyone is looking for let me know! I’ll be sure to bring it into my search.

Keep celebrating, keep loving, and keep living,
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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