Women's Health With Autumn

Women’s Health: Vagina’s

Hiya Folks! My name is Autumn. You’ve seen me before but I haven’t done much here. I am a nature fairy and what I am talking about is the most natural thing of all, Vaginas! That’s right my darlings, we are here to talk about ALL Women’s Health. The thing with women’s health is that if you don’t know about it and you don’t fight for your health, then as a women no one will. So without further ado, let’s go on a journey.

Basics of the Vagina, there are three parts. The Vulva, The Vagina, and The Vestibule. Today we are going to start with the Vulva.

The Vulva is the outer part of the vagina. It includes the Urethra, Labiba major and minor, Clitoral glans, Clitoral hood, the Mons, and the Perineum. The anus is part of this too BUT not always added. For our purpose we will add it to our conversation.

The Clitorus is the only part of the female body that is mad only for pleasure. It’s singular purpose is to have pleasure. Until recently we did not have a clear image of it but luckily we are getting a bit better in our understanding. It has two parts, one which connects to the pubic bone and a root which connected to the erectile tissue. The entire thing engorges with blood and is sensitive. It is similar to the penis glans.

The mons is also another part that’s important. It’s the top of the vulva and is mostly fatty tissue which supports and protects everything. It is also covered in hair. The labia majora is the outer lips which helps to protect the vagina. It’s also covered with hair! Turns out hair is super important to keeping the girl down there healthy, we will get more into that in a different post. The labia minora is the inner lips which protects the vaginal opening. Sadly this section breaks the trend and they don’t have hair.

Tune in next week to get into the Vagina!
(Material Used Found In the Vagina Bible)

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