Vaginas Part Two

Good Day, All! Last week we discussed the outer part of the vagina, the vulva. Now it’s time to get to the inner parts. They are the vestibule and the actual vagina.

The Vestibule is the in between the vulva and the vagina. What is interesting about this part of the two special glands located there. The glands there are similar to the the male prostate. It is considered inside the body even though it is outside, it is even protected the Labia Minora.

Moving to the part we are all waiting for, the vagina! Our starting point is at the hymen (more of come on this subject!. It is a muscular tube that connects the outer vulva and the cervix. The muscle is what allows for stretching that allows for sex but also for babies to be born. The length and width depends on the person. Every vagina is different just like every person is different.

There is something about vaginas that people with them may find odd but I want to make sure you know is COMPLETELY NORMAL. The vagina discharges 1 to 4 ml of liquid daily. Normally the pubic hair disguises it because it gets lost in there. But now that it is fashionable to shave, we notice it more. This is healthy and good. Don’t worry about it unless there is pain or the discharge is different than normal.

Until next week darlings!

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