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Money Like its a Diet

Hello my adults in training! Today we are going to talk about the hardest part of money, managing it. When it comes to doing money management right it reminds me of the my darling Horatio’s diet. It involves self control, a notebook pencil combo, and some trial and error. I can promise that once you do you will feel like those people at the gym with the big muscles at the free weights.

Step One:
Get a notebook and pencil. This is where all the hard work will happen!

Step Two:
Write down your spending. Every time you spend money write down what you spent it on, how much it was, and where the money came from. By that I mean credit, cash, or debt.

Step Three:
Count the total each month. That way you know where the money has been going.

Step Four:
Change your habits to fit your needs. If after a month you don’t love the money you are spending then change it. Cut what you can spend and move money around as you need.

Good luck my new adults my darling!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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