Women's Health With Autumn

The Fruits of the Vagina

Many people have this idea that food has a huge connection to the vagina. Today we are going to talk about it. Just to be clear, food directly changing how the vagina smells and reacts is wrong. What makes it even worse is that we the public are told food makes a difference which leads to many people who have vaginas to do strict diets. That then leads to eating disorders.

Myth One: Fruit Changing the Vagina Smell/Taste
This is fake. When breaking down food it goes through the bloodstream and in the digestive system. Vaginal fluid is made of bacterias and cervical mucus. Nowhere in that mix is where food would be. This is good news! You can eat any fruit you want and downstairs will still be the same.

Myth Two: Garlic and Asparagus
These can make our pee smell and body odor will be strong, even breast milk can be affected. These affect something called metabolites. The more there are, the stronger the smell. The vagina has no metabolites so no smell. Eat all the garlic bread.

Myth Three: Sugar and Yeast
So it is true 3% of vaginal fluid is sugar. No more, no less. The sugar there does not come from foods and is super vital to the health of the vagina. The same is true to yeast. Yeast infections more often occur when urine mists into the vagina or douching. That being said eating has nothing to do with it.

The bottom line is that eating food doesn’t do anything to your bits below. Don’t restrict the diet just to make it smell better. All you will be doing is making life sad. Eat a cookie and enjoy what you can!


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