Adulting 101

Clean is Sexy

We have been going hard on the finicals of adulting but today I want to talk about a different part of adulting. We have 7 parts of adulting. Finance, cooking, health/wellness, house life, organization, career, and communication. Today we will be hitting on house life, specifically keeping clean!

When we get our first apartment, house, condo, etc we are so excited that we fill it to the brim and then come out with a house that looks like a thrift store gone wrong with ants crawling over the floor. It’s not cute, not to mention no one will want to come over. How to fix you may ask? Some good old fashioned organization.

When moving to a new place first thing to do is give yourself a firm chore chart. This will be things like dish days and when the floors will be vacuumed. Create a list of things that have to be done, schedule it, and give yourself punishments when you don’t do your chores. This can be no oreos until the laundry is folded Its whatever works for you!

Things in a new home get cluttered quickly. When the clutter starts attacking back it is time for action. Donate things to the thrift store, keep a firm recycling rule in your home, and above all do not let yourself become a hoarder. Once this path is started its hard to come back out.

Keep Adulting Loves!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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