Six Panty Commandments

Underwear is a vital part of vaginal health. It makes sense that it would be! It’s the things that lays against the vagina, the closet piece of fabric unless you go commando. Let’s go over the 6 panty commandments!

Commandment One: The type of panties doesn’t really matter. In the old days when we knew nothing about women’s bodies so we will do ourselves a favor and ignore it. The white cotton panties rule is nothing more than a myth.

Commandment Two: The fit is key! Too tight is bad. It’ll chafe and rub. That is when yeast infections become a bigger deal. Too loose and everything flows in the wind. On the bright side, thongs are safe!

Commandment Three: Bathing suits are alright to wear as long as you dry off every once in a while. It is fun to be in the pool but when the water is on your skin for too long a rash can develop. Its is super easy to avoid as long as you take the time to dry off.

Commandment Four: Underwear is not needed! There is no health benefits to wearing it and there are no health reasons not too! Be free and wear what you think is best.

Commandment Five: When you shave your pubic hair the best course of action is to put on clean panties. That will keep your vulva safe from yeast infections.

Commandment Six: Putting perfumes in your panties is not the best plan if you want to stay safe and clean. The perfume will irritate the skin!


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