Women's Health With Autumn


Hello All! Let’s get real today with the facts about your vagina and lube! It is very normal for a women to prefer to use lube when having sex. There are many reasons to use lube. Some people have a medical condition where they have a dry vagina. Some people think lube makes sex feel better. Whatever the reason for using lube you should know the different types and how it can affect the vagina.

Water based lube is easier to clean up. However, silicone lube stays longer. It lasts longer but is hard to clean up from the sheets. Silicone can also be used for shower sex! The third type is an oil based lube. Oil based lasts longer and is an A+ for the feel BUT it can stain the sheets so be careful. All the lube types mentioned above are also ALL safe for anal sex.

There is also the fact that not matter the type of lube Oil, Water, or Silicone, you need to test it before you use it. The fact is many people have allergic reactions to lube. We had many people have red bumps, an increase of yeast infections, burning, bacteria growing in general, and messing up vagina PH.

The lesson to be learned here it take the time to learn what works best with your body for the best and safest sex!


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