Adulting 101, My Adventures

After High School

No where in adulting is it said that one has to know what comes around each corner. Not to mention surprises can be rather fun. However, as rule having a plan isn’t bad. So the question is what’s the plan when the undergrad is completed.

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Option One: Get a Job
Congrats on the degree! Why not get that money? Go out to job fairs, utilize linkedin, and get out there to find exciting opportunities. What also rocks is that there are ways to continue education on the job.

Option Two: Graduate School
Some people take the school route. Depending on the career option you are going for this may be the natural next step. For others it maybe the best way to get the dream job. Just keep in mind that going for a graduate degree is great but using it to avoid the world of work is not the best idea.

Option Three: Gap Year
Tired of school but not ready for a job? If you have enough money or want travel while working then taking a year off to be yourself maybe the step for you. Some people travel, others take a year to work at a lower level job, other spend time growing a passion. A gap year is a gap year not matter how different.

Option Four: Apprenticeship
The option of this is the wonder of having a paycheck and learning a trade

With Love,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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