Adulting 101, Health: Physical and Mental

Self Care

Hello All! One thing that we all have to do to truly be an adult is self care. Self care. A word with so many different meanings and a lot of misconceptions.

To start out with let’s explain what self care isn’t. It is not selfish. Self care is not a bad thing. Self care = taking care of yourself. Also remember that self care is different for everyone so there is no wrong way of doing what you need to do to take care of yourself. (As long as it’s actually self care)

Now for the part you have been waiting eagerly for, examples of common self care practices!

1. Making sleep a priority. Did anyone know that not sleeping enough can cause early death? I didn’t but even without that terrfiying tidbit I will say that sleeping makes life easier, so try to get the Z’s in.

2. Prioritize you physical and mental health. Go to the doctor. See your therapist. Do what you need to do even if you need to take a day off. Your health always comes first.

3. Get outside when you can. The sun is good for you. It gives you a lot of good things in the brain department when it comes to good feelings.

4. Say no when you can’t do anything more. Sometimes we say yes yes yes yes yes when all we really need to say is no. No I do not have time to do this for you. No, I can’t meet up today. No, I need some time for myself. It’s not selfish at all, its the small things that keep you sane.

5. Get organized as soon as you can. Knowing what you have to do stuff. Don’t overbook yourself but at the same time keep everything in order so it is less stressful when you do have to do things.

Keep it real everyone!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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