My Adventures, Women's Health With Autumn

Vaginal Sex Do and Don’ts

Good morning all! As we have been learning the vagina is a very special place. It needs certain amounts of attention and care to be at its best. Today we are going to discuss vaginal safety during sex. Do’s and don’ts!

Do: Foreplay is not just something to feels good. Foreplay allows the vagina to fill with blood and start to produce the natural lubricant needed to make sex good. Spending time for foreplay makes sure there are no tears. It also helps both people get in the mood.

Don’t: Do not forget a condom. The condom prevents STD’s and pregnancy. A little piece of plastic does so much! And it truly doesn’t change the experience. Stealthing is when someone removes the condom during sex without telling the other person. This is a form of sexual assault. A big no no! Remember, the condom is key.

Do: Always pee after sex. When you pee after sex it prevents urinary track infections. No one wants thoses! So after you’ve finished and before you give in to a nice nap, run to the bathroom.

Don’t: Do not keep having sex if you are feeling pain in your vagina. Sex is not supposed to hurt. If you are engaging in sex and you vagina is hurting then you need to stop. If the hurt doesn’t go away or there is bleeding go to a doctor.

Sex is supposed to be fun and safe. Keep it safe with the do’s and don’ts!


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