Women's Health With Autumn

Pain with Sex

Good Morning Everyone! Has anyone ever had sex and felt a lot of pain? Don’t worry you aren’t alone! 30% of people with vaginas have pain during sex and find it very distressing. It’s a spiral, you end up having the pain then you feel poorly/distressed or even broken. Then sex is even worse. Suddenly it’s not just a physical problem. Luckily there are both mental solutions and physical. For the physical side of things here’s what it could be, but also see a doctor to help you out.

Low Estrogen: Low estrogen sign are lack of period, problems with vaginal lubricant, and lube not doing the trick.

Hormonal Contraception: Progestin- only methods can lead to lower glycogen in the vaginal mucosa which then affects natural lubricant. Moisturizers can fix this.

Vaginal Infections: If you always have pain with sex this is not the reason but if it’s newer than this could be it. If you are feeling pain then there are probably some other side effects, like an itch and odor.

Endometriosis: This is when the lining of the uterus is growing on to the pelvic floor. It causes pain and cause scarring which leads to more pain.

Scarring/ scar tissue: This can be from childbirth or muscle spasms or even from vaginal surgery.

Some others: Vulvar Skin Conditions, Pelvic floor muscles spasm, and vestibulodynia.

Good luck in happy sex!


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