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Law School For You?

Hello All! I know it’s been a long time since I have posted but I am back to share some new stories! I had the pleasure of interviewing a super kind law student named Kaine Spitak. They were kind enough to answer all and any questions about their Elle Woods experience.

Question One: Is law school anything like you expected?

K: Legally Blonde got pretty close to the classroom dynamic. The professors tell you what to read and they will cold call on students. The students where I go to school aren’t super mean to each other and there is a sense of community in the classroom. The grading can be a bit competitive and there is a lot of homework but if you are doing the work it isn’t to scary.

Question Two: What is the application process?

K: So I was late to apply but there is a path for normal. First you take the LSAT. It is like the SAT for law school. The biggest thing is preparing for the test because it is not like any other test you have taken. Then you apply like you would any other graduate school. Get the letters of recommendation and transcripts over.

Question Three: Why did you want to go to law school?

K: On one hand I like the job stability. On the other hand I like the idea of holding people accountable for their actions with the justice system. On a whole though I have a lot of mixed thoughts.

Question Four: Top likes and dislikes

K:My top like it that I do not feel smarter than anyone else and I feel like everyone truly wants to be there. It is a safe place to ask questions and to learn without feeling stupid. My top dislike is the grading method. All law schools do it but there is a curve. The problem is if someone does even a little bit better than you your grade goes way down.

Question Five: Any advice for future law students?

K: Make sure you know why you are going to law school. It can be for any reason but you really need to have a reason for going.

All right folks! Enjoy the law juices that are running though here and maybe if you are on the fence this will help you decide if law school is right for you.

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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