Spooky Season

Hiya All! So yesterday Barry, our good friend Jenna, and I did some pumpkin painting. There is a story to this however, so let’s get deeper into this!

This summer was the summer of coronavirus so we all decided to stay close to home this year. Instead of the beach many families did camping. Instead of swimming pools we did backyard hoses. Well this summer instead of little wizards summer camp we did a gardening fest at our house. We planted sunflowers, pepper, and of course PUMPKINS!

We spent at least an hour everyday we were home taking care of our lovely foods. They were beautiful. We had five large pumpkin plants and we had ended up with four smaller size ones, and five larger ones. The big ones we are waiting on, they are going to help use make our home very spooky! But these little ones we have decided to paint! Scarface pumpkins and Mickey Mouse Pumpkins and so much more. Take a look at the pumpkins we made! Remember, we are not artists 🙂

What have you been doing to make October festive! Let me know in the comments!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

Published by magicalmark

I am a single father, lover, divorcee, who is trying to win a custody battle. I have a lot of life experience, a lot of wrong choices, and a whole lot of felt

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