My Adventures

The First Quest

Hello! Today is the day I take the plunge. I have joined a DnD Group and I am playing myself in a game. The other players are parent friends of Barry. There are five of us and our so called Dungeon Master. We are going on a quest to save a queen from a devastating curse. I had to laugh when I had heard our quest!

When I was a younger wizard in the olden days, around 1100 BCE, I went on my first real quest after graduating from my first university, The Wizards School for the Talented Youth, run by a lovely women named Hecate. The school was located in one of the most democratic and wise countries around, Athens Greece. This was around the time when the city of Athens was one of the last out posts against the Dorians.

A good friend of mine, Lord Gilround had just graduated with me when we were called to the hillside meeting place. The leaders gave us a task, to save a sickly fairy queen from an evil sickness. Now mind you in these days we called fairies Nymphs and there was some confusion if she was poisoned or ill but we were excited for our first real quest nonetheless.

We spend days traveling. We slept mostly in the woods, which I have to tell you is not at all glamorous. It was cold and wet and Gilround got poison oak on his bits when he wiped. Luckily for us we did have magic which made hunting and fire building much easier. We were also young and full of hopes of being heros, which helped make the back pains seem worth it.

After two weeks of traveling we reached the sick Nymph. Gilround was more of a healer so he began to look her over while I questioned everyone who had been around her. “When did the illness start?” I asked and “What have the symptoms been?”

After a lot of asking and with Gilrounds support we found the truth. The Nymph had pissed off a spirit who had connections to the goddess Achlys, the goddess of poison. The spirit called in a favor to with Achlys to make the Nymph ill as revenge for taking the life of the spirits favorite ancestor. It was a whole family hullabalu. Naturally this Nymph held a lot of power that the Council in Athens needed so we agreed to heal her. Gilround did the healing while I used a potion or two to banish the spirit from the woods of the Nymph and keep him out of there forever!

Our job done we stayed for a day or two then headed home with the good news of the Nymphs recovery. Our first quest had been a complete success and we earned many points with the council for the future.

I am very excited to see if my DnD gaming experience matches my questing fun. Have any of you played DnD? If you have tell me about it below! We can share experiences of dangerous Spirits and beautiful Queens.

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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