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Weekend Adventures

The weekend has come at last my friends! I don’t have many big plans for the weekend. Today I have showered, played with Barry and Horatio, and I have the goal of going through my frankly intense collection of robes. Horatio agreed to help me with it because he is truly a saint. However, I have other news to share!

I have officially gotten a part time job teaching the youth of the world English online. Super fun right? It’ll be good. The shift will be from 4am to 8am. This means I have a whole bunch of time to be with Barry and Horatio. To make sure Barry gets his work done, and make some side cash. I am excited about it. I’ve missed working and feeling like I am contributing to my life.

I am also proud to say that I am still on the job hunt. I have seen a lot of inspirational stuff about job searching and honestly it doesn’t make me feel better when I see it because it’s not like it makes the search any easier. However, I have to say in full honesty that knowing you aren’t the only one struggling is a huge help!

Is there anyone out there that is currently on the job hunt and having a hard time? Comment below, any! Like tips or advice, anything!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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