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My no Good, very Wonky Day

I have to tell everyone today that I am in a smidge of a tizy. I woke up this morning and nothing seemed to be going right. Let me tell you all of the strangeness!

I woke up at seven am, my normal wake up call. I took a nice shower, brushed my beard, and went downstairs to make breakfast. I woke up to find, to my horror, that all the jam in the house had been stolen my ghosts! I pleaded with them to leave me just enough for my morning tea and toast but they were not agreeable at all. This left me with jamless toast.

I then went to get Barry to find that his favorite toy, Cubby, had been ripped. Fast forward to a very sad and very temperamental toddler. Nothing I did made it better, even when I used magic to fix him. He said that it would happen again. Horatio came in with some juice which calmed Barry down enough to start the day with getting dressed.

Once I got Horatio some food (I do breakfast and dinner) I went to sit at my computer to find out that the government is just as crazy as always. I wanted to cry, to rant, to be upset. But I took a deep breath and I made myself a promise. Today is a no social media day. I am taking a break from it all to enjoy a novel, to enjoy my family, to buy more jam!

Is anyone else taking a break today?

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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