My Adventures

Tarot Anyone?

The first time I saw a tarot card deck is when my Uncle Hilbert Goldstein. We were eating supper and he said to my father, do you want me to read your journey? Of course as a young wizard I was very excited to see what he had meant!

He brought me and my father into his work room. Uncle Hilbert and Father sat down at the table. I sat at a stool. My father shuffled the cards while my uncle went around lighting candles, setting the mood and making it easier to see everything. When he sat back down Uncle smiled and set the cards down in a cross with four on the side. He flipped them and began to read. I was caught!

Of course I am a different type of wizard the my uncle. My uncle is good at reading the future and connecting with spirits. But still, I wanted to learn more about tarot. I wanted to try. That evening we went our way back to our home and I put the idea of tarot on the back burner. Well today is the day I do some back burner stuff. I have a deck (one for beginners and one that was a gift) and I am going to start reading for myself and others! Its kinda exciting everyone!

Do you read the cards? Do you want to? Let me know your thoughts below!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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