My Adventures

It’s the Late Night, Double Feature…

Good Morning my friends! I have to tell you about my exciting weekend! This weekend I did two wonderful things.

The first thing I did was on Halloween. After we had some candy and watched the Great Pumpkin, Barry went to bed. This meant the adults could finally fulfill a long standing Halloween tradition. An evening showing (on Halloween) of Rocky Horror Picture Show. I dressed up like Brad and Horatio like Rocky. The whole family came, even Nan. It was wonderful. Its the little things.

The second thing is I caught up with old friends. I was able to connect this weekend with a Wizards, Witches, and all things spooky get together with many old friends who I have not seen in years. We all Zoomed or crystal balled into the meeting. It was lovely to reconnect.

How was your Halloween?

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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