My Adventures

Energizer Bunny

I have all this energy today and nowhere to put it! Let me explain my issue here.

One: I submitted my first round of blog posts for my new blog posting. I did ten articles. I know for a fact all the formatting is wrong when I submitted them but the person in charge was really vague on how it should look. He sent me edits for one article but now I have to wait for nine more! I have all this energy to go fix my work but I can’t do it yet. What makes it worse is I know for a fact he will end me everything super late at night too because he is a night owl!

Two: I need to work on this website thing for a friend of mine. I can’t do it until one but I am so ready to do it now! My brain is revved and ready. I set everything up so when the time comes I am ready.

Do you have a ton energy? If so how do you deal with it?

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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