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Book Festival in 2020?

So I went to a Texas book fair without ever leaving my home. Wild I know! I found out that the book fair was having online panels. I signed myself but for one and I was super impressed.

There were four people on the panel. They all have written some novel or set of short stories or poetry. What was even more interesting was that they all had gone to the same Texas based writing program, MCW. The authors are Leah Hampton, Maria Reva, Ben Philippe, and Travis Tate. I loved hearing about their process. They really talked a lot about how when they pushed their boundaries in writing, tried something new, the product was some of the best things they ever wrote.

In 2020 I really loved that message. Even when things are in lockdown and every moment feels out of control, pushing past your comfort zone helps to create the best quality of work.

Anyway, feel free to check out their incredible work. I know I have spend to much money on books this year and this festival has not made my goal on cutting my book spending any easier.

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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