Job Seeking

Job Hunting

Hello Kiddos! As many of you know I have been job hunting in the time of COVID-19. If anyone here has job hunted or is about to job hunt for the first time it is time to face the truth of job hunting, it is soul sucking. You put your heart and soul into every job application. You can see yourself happy with the job. Then you go through so many interview rounds only to be told a week later that you didn’t get it. Or even better, they love you and you have all the skills they want but your resume just isn’t beefy enough to get the position.

I just escaped the hunt and I want to help other do the same. I want to offer tips for the process and for interviewing. I want to have people in current positions talk about how they got there. I will even be there when you get rejected and need a helpful reminder that you are still worth something great. I want to give anyone reading this every opportunity to get the position of their dream.

Let’s start this year off with a job to make it though COVID-19! And let’s try to make a job we won’t hate!

With love,

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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