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Resume Advice with Nicole Lennartz

Hello All! I know that it has been a bit since we have last talked but I am here to spread some love. 2020 has brought trouble and unfortunately job loss. So many people are scrambling for a job. Due to this some parts of the job hunt have become neglected. One part that always needs some work is the resume. I reached out to a resume expert, Nicole Lennartz and asked for some advice for all you wayword job seekers.

What makes a good resume?
Standing out, having a clean and easy to read format, being clear and concise in your language. First things I look at when editing a resume is the format and order of information. For example, there should always be a skills section at the top under your heading with your name and contact information. Next should be your professional experience. Then education, then professional development/volunteering/awards, etc. This makes it easy for the recruiter and hiring manager to scan and see if you’re a good match for the role. 

What are some major resume no’s?
Do not have a long list of things with no clear purpose or relationship back to the job you are applying for. Everything on your resume should help tell your story and connect you to the job you are applying for.
Don’t make the font too small, remember this will be read by someone. You want to make it easy on them.Don’t force your resume to fit onto 1 page…that’s kind of a myth! Providing 2 pages that are clear, easy to read, and provide important details about why you’re a good fit for the role is more important that cramming everything onto 1 page and leaving something out or making it too cluttered.

How do you tailor your resume?
In the skills section! This section should be fluid and ready to change. Pick out skills from the job description and spell them out clearly at the top. Personal and professional skills (or hard and soft skills) are really important for recruiters to get a feel for the type of worker you are. 
You can also add/remove volunteer or professional development work to show alternative experiences that are relevant to the job. 
A good rule of thumb is – Is this bullet point relevant to the job I’m applying for? Yes? No? Be cutthroat to have more room to flesh out what’s important.

Any resume advice for the current job market?
It is hard right now. My advice is to keep applying, and reach out to people for networking meetings. People want to talk and connect right now. Making connections will often lead you to your next job more often than applying to something you randomly saw on a job website. 
I would also consider experimenting with my resume and cover letter format. Try adding a professional headshot, try a colorful template, use a unique font for your name and headers…Take some chances to make yourself stand out. The job market is changing, not everything has to be traditional and cookie cutter. 

Job hunting is hard in normal situations. Covid-19 makes it even harder. The market is flooded. People everywhere need a job to take care of their families. Stand out by having a kick ass resume and network with as many people as possible. Good luck and keep an eye out for more content on surviving the job hunt coming in the new year! For more advice connect with Nicole on LinkedIn

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