Health: Physical and Mental

The Power of Food

Being healthy has a lot of parts. Today, with the help of a friend Mariam (@everyday_lifestyle17), we are going to talk about how eating healthier is more of a mental boost then you think!

M: Eating healthy plays a very big role in your life a lot of people make a mistake thinking eating healthy is only to lose weight. That is not the case eating healthy does not only mean losing weight, people eat healthier so they feel more energetic and for a healthier lifestyle. There are so many benefits of eating healthier and it’s not only attached to one effect of losing weight.

Mark: Starting on a healthier eating path (not a diet per say my loves) can be a struggle. There are many bad options that just kinda wait in the wings for you to fall off the bandwagon. What advice do you have for good food motivation?

M: For people who just started their diet I would highly recommend them to take small steps taking huge steps in one day can not only demotivate them but also make them feel like it’s just not for them, and as a result they won’t want to do it. So taking small steps as small as including fruits in your daily life or drinking more water is also a great start. 

Mark: On a food note, I know that one of my major pitfall is eating healthier is snacking. I fall victim to the chips. What is you go to healthier snack?

M: My go to snack would always be sliced up fruits it’s so easy to eat and can fuel me up with nutrients in no time. 

Mark: To get all these yummy fruits we need to go shopping. Where do you go shopping to buy your food?

M: Food shopping is probably really hard when you don’t know where you can find healthy stuff to add to your diet. But I always shop at wall mart in the food center they always have fruits and granola bars that are not only healthy but fuel you up in not time. I also shop at Aldi and that also has frozen fruits as well as my go to fruit bar ice cream. 

Mark: One thing that tends to motivate me (and scare me) is when healthy people make unique and crazy dishes loaded with more nutrients then most of the meals my son eats. What is the craziest thing you have ever made?

M:The craziest thing I ever made was a spinach pie as a 13 year old it was crazy because I always thought pies were supposed to be sweet but it was very delicious and healthy. 

Food background. Assortment of colorful ripe tropical fruits. Top view

Mark: As a whole we are taught that eating healthier is better for us but it is hard and honestly most people can’t manage it. Do you think eating healthier and feeling healthier is actually harder to manage?

M:Eating healthy can be hard in the beginning but as you start eating healthier you wont ever want to stop. So maybe as I said before if you take small steps it won’t be as hard. Your body will feel so happy and energetic. 

Food is amazing. It fuels our bodies, makes use feel happier, and it connects us to family and friends. I know the new year is all about weight loss but I hope you take this and think I want to start adding something new to my diet. Not to lose weight but to feel better.

Cheers to all and welcome to 2021!
Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

1 thought on “The Power of Food”

  1. Food is 100% amazing! I think another unhelpful aspect of healthy eating is categorising food as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ or even ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’. When you deny yourself something, it becomes all the more tempting and increases the odds of binging.

    Starting small is a great trick. Adding a bit of extra fruit or veg and swapping in something that’s baked instead of fried are great stepping stones.

    Have a great 2021!


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