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The Mythical Magical LinkedIn

In our last job hunting article Nichole (resume expert) talked about networking to find job opportunities. For many of us not only is that terrifying because talking to new people is scary but with COVID-19 it seems like a dangerous impossibility. I was wondering how to address networking when I remembers a bud of mine new a gal from their time in school who was a Linkedin person!

Daniela Beck is someone who uses the professional social platform of LinkedIn to create a community she can connect with. We asked her about networking on LinkedIn and how to create a community that you can use to find you next job!

M: So right off the bat what are some major LinkedIn do’s and LinkedIn don’t

D: A few LinkedIn do’s are: Have a completed profile, meaning you have a photo, summary, and experience sections.
A few LinkedIn don’ts are: Do not reach out to new connections without a personalized invitation( actually send a message to the person you want to connect with), and don’t feel afraid to post content.

M: For someone new to the LinkedIn scene or is just starting a job search what is the biggest mistake they could make?

D: I think that the most common LinkedIn mistake is have vague comments like “Great job!” without adding value to the conversation.

M: Okay so the next step is actually reaching out and connecting. What is something you look for when creating a connection or looking at a connection request?

D: The first thing that I look at is our mutual connections and if you have a clear and complete profile.

LinkedIn Logo

M: Okay so I have my page set up, I have made a few friends, and I am connecting to people. How to I do the next step of actual job searching?

D: I use LinkedIn to find jobs by utilizing the “Jobs” feature to search directly and reaching out to job posters for a potential referral.

M: Last but not least, what is the best way to network in LinkedIn?

D: The best way to network on LinkedIn is to be your authentic self and add value to the conversations that you’re a part of.

LinkedIn is one way to get jobs. There are other platforms that can help with a job search but what makes LinkedIn so unique is that it is more than just a job search engine, it is a platform to make real connections that can help people find jobs. Take advantage of it and use Danielas tips to get a job in 2021!

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