Family Life


Hello, my name is Horatio. I am a professional accountant from Columbia.When I was 15 years old I figured out I was gay when I prefered to gaze at the local construction workers instead of the girls at school. It was something that scared me a lot. My family is very religious, my mother meeting my father on missionary work. I worked hard to hide that part of myself from my world. I dated girls and worked hard to be what my family, my community expected me to be.

I went to college in America. I stayed with my grandparents and graduated with a degree in accounting. On of the girls I was seeing at the time convinced me that therapy was something that I needs, after much thought I went in secret. I am glad I did.

It might have been easier to stay in the USA but my mother wanted me close and I missed the rich community I had in my little town. I moved home but I went to therapy in the city with an European implant company. I worked hard to reconcile my family with what I knew was true.

I worked hard at my work and on my mental health. Two years went by and I was going to group therapy meetings for expats where I met the love of my life, Mark. He was in a dark place, but I was able to be a friend to him and show him the country. I have never had an ounce of regret meeting him and bringing him into my life.

My family considers us “friends” and my mom dislikes it but I am happy. After two years of dating and one year of long distance we moved in together in Pittsburgh. I haven’t left. I am so happy.

It is nice to connect with you and tell my story,

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