Married Life

Date Night Disaster

Hiya everyone! Sorry for the long since my last post. The pandemic has made things nuts with life ever since the wedding (which is a whole different set of amazing posts my loves!) 

Today I want to talk about my last date night with my hubby, my dear Horatio. It was the first time we left our house for our out-of-home date since the wedding. It started off perfectly. We sent Berry next door to spend the evening with his Grandma and we set out. 

We drove to a lovely restaurant. It was Thai Food! Oh so so good. We sat down and our waiter did the normal waiter things. Horatio was chatting with me about work and I was telling him about some plans. Our food arrived. This is when dinner got weird. 

I took a bite of my rice and went to taste bud heaven. Horatio took a bite of his and made a weird face. Not one that said yuck but definitely a confused face. He didn’t say anything so I let it go. We kept talking when he finally put his fork down and said to me “Call 911”

I had that 10 seconds of panic before I asked “Babe, why”. I did pull out my phone when he asked, mostly out of habit. 

“I think there were peanuts in this” I dialed my phone asap, explaining everything to the EMT. For those who don’t know, my love is allergic to peanuts. We always ask and the waiter did say the food was peanut safe.

Thankfully the EMT got there quickly and the EpiPen worked. We rushed to the ER where they helped him out. We were home by 10. 

But let’s look at this from a high point of view. On my first date out of the home, without my child, at a real restaurant, my husband almost dies. And not from Covid-19 or something fancy. He almost dies of his well-known peanut allergy. 

This is just a sign that I needed to know that I should get more creative with my date ideas. Dinner is not going to cut it anymore. Any advice for danger-free date advice? I want to enjoy nonfatal dates with my hubby boo.

Much Love!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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