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Full Filling a Dream: Coding Class

Hiya All! I am a sucker for dreams and for black Friday sales. This past week I was able to do both. I bought a coding boot that came to me on Skill Crush. It’s a flexible, mentor-led, and portfolio-based coding course! I am so excited. That being said I am worried about accountability. I am worried that between work, my gorgeous hubby, my crazy family, and my adorable baby boy I am going to get so busy that I won’t do the work.

Skill Crush Coding Camp!

Do you know what that means? That means wasted money and shattered dreams. In an attempt to nip this in the booty, I am going to borrow you lovely folk as a way to keep myself honest. I am going to post my schedule for the week every Monday (Starting Dec 12th!) and how I did that week on Friday. Weekends are for the lovely men in my life.

Who is ready to get started on a dream?? 🙋‍♀️

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