Spooky Season

Hiya All! So yesterday Barry, our good friend Jenna, and I did some pumpkin painting. There is a story to this however, so let’s get deeper into this! This summer was the summer of coronavirus so we all decided to stay close to home this year. Instead of the beach many families did camping. InsteadContinue reading “Spooky Season”

Life is Insane!

Hey All! I am sad to say that I have not been updating as much but on the brightside here I am now. I wanted to catch everyone up on what’s been going on recently in my life. So part one, my almost husband. Horatio has been working from home. He has his own officeContinue reading “Life is Insane!”

Law School For You?

Hello All! I know it’s been a long time since I have posted but I am back to share some new stories! I had the pleasure of interviewing a super kind law student named Kaine Spitak. They were kind enough to answer all and any questions about their Elle Woods experience. Question One: Is lawContinue reading “Law School For You?”

Women Get Wet Dreams Too!

Hello All! I know that it has been a bit and I am sorry about that. It has been a busy here in fairy world. Anyway let’s get started. Do we know what wet dreams are? Most people have heard of them but let’s do a quick refresher. A wet dream is when a personContinue reading “Women Get Wet Dreams Too!”

The 1st Amendment in Style

Hello all! It has been a while. I am so sorry for the late updates everyone. It’s been a hectic here. For now tho let’s spend the time to learn about some amendments! Today I want to do a deep dive into the first amendment, the one we all know and love. “Congress shall makeContinue reading “The 1st Amendment in Style”

Pain with Sex

Good Morning Everyone! Has anyone ever had sex and felt a lot of pain? Don’t worry you aren’t alone! 30% of people with vaginas have pain during sex and find it very distressing. It’s a spiral, you end up having the pain then you feel poorly/distressed or even broken. Then sex is even worse. SuddenlyContinue reading “Pain with Sex”

Civics Be Crazy

Hello All! Politics is an uncomfortable subject for all of us in this unusual political era. On the brightside what I am talking about here today is NOT politics but civics. A teacher of mine told a story once about teaching in a school in Detroit. She said she worked in inner city schools thatContinue reading “Civics Be Crazy”

Zucchini Crab Cakes

Hello All! This year I have been gardening and I have EIGHT zucchini plants and had no ideas on what to cook it as. After much searching I found zucchini crab cakes. They are delicious and everyone should try them! They are vegetarian and salty and a perfect summer snack. 2-3/4 cups grated zucchini 1-1/4Continue reading “Zucchini Crab Cakes”

Vaginal Sex Do and Don’ts

Good morning all! As we have been learning the vagina is a very special place. It needs certain amounts of attention and care to be at its best. Today we are going to discuss vaginal safety during sex. Do’s and don’ts! Do: Foreplay is not just something to feels good. Foreplay allows the vagina toContinue reading “Vaginal Sex Do and Don’ts”