Culture Lesson Three!

Happy Chinese New Year! It is currently the year of the Rat and everyone who know about China must be knowledgeable about the New Year. So let’s dive into the wonders of Chinese New Years for someone living in China. Chinese New Year begins on January 25th, 2020. It marks the start of a newContinue reading “Culture Lesson Three!”

Chinese Lesson Two:1: 一。。。也。。。不/没。。。

Hello Everyone! I hope you week has been spent getting ready to kick rear in Chinese cause we are officially starting! 一。。。也。。。不/没。。。 This is a sentence structure that is used to mean not at all or not even one. In English this would be something like:“Nana doesn’t have any friends.”In 中文 this would look likeContinue reading “Chinese Lesson Two:1: 一。。。也。。。不/没。。。”

Chinese Culture Lesson Two!

Hello Everyone! Who is ready to get their pop on? That’s right folks, we are getting involved in modern chinese music, focusing on what is popular with people today. As China moved toward modern day the music that everyone listened to also moved to a new era. In mainland China the development of music tookContinue reading “Chinese Culture Lesson Two!”

Who’s Ready For 中文?

你好! Today is my first Chinese lesson! Instead of actually teaching something brand new I want to give all readers who are even the smallest bit interested a chance to see the the plan! So for the lessons we will be starting off learning about Dating. Asking someone to the movies and making conversation withContinue reading “Who’s Ready For 中文?”

Chinese Culture Lesson One!

Good Saturday Folks! Today is the start of the coolest thing ever! Some Chinese Culture that I observed on my journey through China. For the first lesson I want to give everyone some background to my time in China! I went to China last spring for 5 months to potioning and learning in the areaContinue reading “Chinese Culture Lesson One!”

New Years Resolution: Chinese Language

Hello Everyone! I hope your holiday has been lovely and you are opening up to the New Year with happy thoughts. One of my favorite parts of the new year is new year resolutions. Some are silly, like I am going to stay up late this year (my son) but as part of my newContinue reading “New Years Resolution: Chinese Language”