Pride 2020

Happy Pride Month everyone! I know this is not what we wanted for pride. We wanted large celebrations to revel in being alive and a strong community. We wanted parties and get togethers and ways to remember what pride means as a group. Sadly, that can’t happen this time. That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate,Continue reading “Pride 2020”

Is it over yet?

Good Morning all! I went to yet another fantastic park for a fantastic walk. There are just a few small problems with this park. Problem One: THE MAP IS A LIEI kind you not folks. What looks like less than a 10 minutes walk is more than a mile. The long ones are really longContinue reading “Is it over yet?”

Ironton Railtrail

Hello All! So this past weekend was mothers day. To celebrate it Berry, Horatio, and I did some wonderful things together. We went to her home in the forest next to us and made breakfast. After our lovely meal of berry pancakes, we went for a walk together. The place we went to is nearContinue reading “Ironton Railtrail”

The Sadistic Switch Back

Hello my lovelies! I hope everything is well and happy in your homes. Chaotic is good but sad is just not fun. If you are feeling down in the dumps check out my resources page. So yesterday I went on adventure. Berry, Horatio, and I went on an awesome hike to a place called theContinue reading “The Sadistic Switch Back”

Pinterest Adventures

Hey all! I know this is silly but I wanted to share some things I have found during this time. Some fun things! I have discovered how to make playdough! It is soft, colorful, and I made the stuff smells like vanilla because the scent soothes Berry! I know that keeping our little ones entertainedContinue reading “Pinterest Adventures”

Shawshank Huh?

Good morning my loves! Over the weekend I had the pleasure of watching Shawshank Redemption. I followed the tale of Andy Dufresne from unfair imprisonment, to untold abuses, to happy education, to eventual freedom. It is told from the point of view of Andys good prison friend, Morgan Freeman (Red) from when he meets AndyContinue reading “Shawshank Huh?”