Family and Covid-19

Good Morning! How is everyone doing this week? This is my first week of official of staying home for Social Distancing purposes. It’s been an exciting time to be alive I must say. With that in mind I wanted to say thank you to everyone for the great support our community has shown. I amContinue reading “Family and Covid-19”

Injury When Training

Hello Everyone, I have some sad news. I have been injured during my training. This can happen to the best of us. I wish I could have been one of the people who didn’t get hurt but it did not happen. I have tendonitis in my left knee (hopefully) according to my doctor. I haveContinue reading “Injury When Training”

Blog Post for a Political Science Class

Hello Everyone (and Dr. Sweet-Cushman) today we are going to discuss what I call the Twitter Frankenstein Experiment. Let me set you the parameters before I get into what we found. Everyone in the class had followed 50 stakeholders. To be a stakeholder one must be a news site, a Politician, someone who comes acrossContinue reading “Blog Post for a Political Science Class”

Misfit Market: The Wonder Of Veg

Hello Everyone! I have had an awesome discovery this past week and I am happy to share with everyone. I have found the Misfit Market( . This is an online market where veggies that are considered ugly are sold in big boxes. This is the weird looking broccoli or the short cucumber that can’t beContinue reading “Misfit Market: The Wonder Of Veg”

Period Poverty

I have been doing a ton of research lately into the struggles of women. What they have to go through daily and different things that happen that could be easily solved. Today I am chatting about something that is a huge problem but something that honestly be controlled. Period Poverty Period Poverty is women’s inabilityContinue reading “Period Poverty”

American Suffragettes

Hello, my Friends! This past week I was inspired by many different things. I saw the movie “Iron Jawed Angels”, then I watched “On the basis of sex” and then went into The Brandywine River Museum of Art which has a huge section on the American Suffragette movement. So let’s get some background. The AmericanContinue reading “American Suffragettes”

Pittsburgh Domme

I was in a rut, I won’t lie. I have been running around like crazy lately and I just didn’t know what to write about this week. But then I had a great moment, a moment of huge ephiny! What is one of the coolest things I can write about? Entrepreneurship! People who are startingContinue reading “Pittsburgh Domme”