My Teacher Is A Martian

Hello All! I hope things are going well. Today I want to talk about something super fun and a little odd. Martians! Not really Martians mind you but still! The other day I was studying Chinese in my potions lab by myself when I realized studying by oneself tends to be a little lonely. IContinue reading “My Teacher Is A Martian”

Chinese Language Lesson Twelve

Good Morning my loves! I hope all is well and you are ready to learn some Chinese (mandarin) grammar! Today I figured we could some basics and learn how to introduce oneself. This is a great way to start and language learning adventure so let’s dive in. So to say “Hello I am Mark” isContinue reading “Chinese Language Lesson Twelve”

Chinese Language Lesson Twelve

Hello All! I am so excited, today we will be discussing 还是 (haishi)! So 还是 is a way to say one or the other. 还是 translates well into “or”. What is special about 还是 is that it can only be used in questions. In English that would be, “Would you like tea or coffee?” TheContinue reading “Chinese Language Lesson Twelve”

Chinese Language Lesson Eleven

早上·好!Hello my lovely butterflys! It has been a whole week since we have chatted and I have missed you dearly! I want to do a check in with everyone. If you have any questions, looking for something specific, or just want to chat let me know in the comments below. To start off today weContinue reading “Chinese Language Lesson Eleven”

Chinese Cultural Lesson Eight

So today we are going to discuss something that is cultural and also helpful! How to do some self study when it comes to Chinese Language. I know that this is something I have been struggling on. Let’s start out with note books. I have read a lot of different articles and seen many imagesContinue reading “Chinese Cultural Lesson Eight”

Chinese Language Lesson Ten

Hello My Loves! Before we get into the lesson I want to reach out and say to anyone who reads regularly and needs help or someone to chat with my whole family is here. This is a time where as a community we need to come together to support one another and make it throughContinue reading “Chinese Language Lesson Ten”

Chinese Culture Lesson Seven

Hello Everyone! This week we will be learning about someone who is a huge part of Chinese Culture, Laozi! Laozi literally means old master but in this case I am talking about the man who started a belief system in China called Daosim (Taoism). No one is for sure exactly who he is but hisContinue reading “Chinese Culture Lesson Seven”

Chinese Language Lesson Nine

Hiya All! Today we will be learning about food! How to order it, what types there are, and chopsticks! So first, let’s talk about types of food. You walk into a restaurant and you are given an intense menu. Your first thought is pick randomly, the language is super confusing! Stop, wait, and pull upContinue reading “Chinese Language Lesson Nine”

Chinese Lesson Eight

Good Morning Folks! Today we will be learning some things you might say if you were dropped into a Chinese speaking country and knew little to know Chinese. The survival things! I will list then with the Characters, Pinyin, and the english! 你好! nǐ hǎo ! Hello 你吃了吗? nǐ chī le ma ? Have youContinue reading “Chinese Lesson Eight”