It’s The Holiday Season

Hello Folks! I hope that you are having a great holiday! I will be spending mine in Mexico, I know you are all jealous of my trip 😉 I just wanted to write Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa. I know that this time can be a hard one for certain people so ifContinue reading “It’s The Holiday Season”

Volunteer for the Holidays

Hello everyone! I hope you are kicking butt this fine Wednesday. So the holidays are a time of year of giving back to the community that you live in. I know that I have been pushing Dressember a bit but there are other options to go out and give back! There are even kid friendlyContinue reading “Volunteer for the Holidays”

Holiday Snacks!

Its my favorite time of year everyone! It’s the time of year where yummy snacks are everywhere and we need to make some to impress all of our friends and family. It can be harder to find the perfect holiday cookie. Do not fear however, I have some time tested and mom tested cookies thatContinue reading “Holiday Snacks!”