Pride 2020

Happy Pride Month everyone! I know this is not what we wanted for pride. We wanted large celebrations to revel in being alive and a strong community. We wanted parties and get togethers and ways to remember what pride means as a group. Sadly, that can’t happen this time. That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate,Continue reading “Pride 2020”

Finding out and Coming Out

Hello Everyone! This week I wanted to talk about coming out. More specially how I knew that I was not a straight man. I am not sad to say that my story is actually simple and it is not tragic. Many are not as lucky as me. It started when I was in my wizardingContinue reading “Finding out and Coming Out”

The falls that changed my Life

I have the most amazing news everyone! Yesterday I was at the falls and the man of my life, the Columbian hunk, the dreamy eyed man who shares every moment of love and joy with me asked me a question, an important question. And of course, I said yes! It was the most romantic momentContinue reading “The falls that changed my Life”