Chinese Language Lesson

Good Morning All! Today for our lesson we will not actually be learning a new grammar point but I wanted to pass on some information to you. For anyone that is interested there is a way to test your language skills in Mainland China and that is through a testing system called HSK. This isContinue reading “Chinese Language Lesson”

Chinese Language Lesson Twelve

Hello All! I am so excited, today we will be discussing 还是 (haishi)! So 还是 is a way to say one or the other. 还是 translates well into “or”. What is special about 还是 is that it can only be used in questions. In English that would be, “Would you like tea or coffee?” TheContinue reading “Chinese Language Lesson Twelve”

Chinese Language Lesson Ten

Hello My Loves! Before we get into the lesson I want to reach out and say to anyone who reads regularly and needs help or someone to chat with my whole family is here. This is a time where as a community we need to come together to support one another and make it throughContinue reading “Chinese Language Lesson Ten”