Women Get Wet Dreams Too!

Hello All! I know that it has been a bit and I am sorry about that. It has been a busy here in fairy world. Anyway let’s get started. Do we know what wet dreams are? Most people have heard of them but let’s do a quick refresher. A wet dream is when a personContinue reading “Women Get Wet Dreams Too!”


Hello All! Let’s get real today with the facts about your vagina and lube! It is very normal for a women to prefer to use lube when having sex. There are many reasons to use lube. Some people have a medical condition where they have a dry vagina. Some people think lube makes sex feelContinue reading “Lubricant”

The Fruits of the Vagina

Many people have this idea that food has a huge connection to the vagina. Today we are going to talk about it. Just to be clear, food directly changing how the vagina smells and reacts is wrong. What makes it even worse is that we the public are told food makes a difference which leadsContinue reading “The Fruits of the Vagina”

Vaginas Part Two

Good Day, All! Last week we discussed the outer part of the vagina, the vulva. Now it’s time to get to the inner parts. They are the vestibule and the actual vagina. The Vestibule is the in between the vulva and the vagina. What is interesting about this part of the two special glands locatedContinue reading “Vaginas Part Two”