Drescember Week 3 and Family

Hello, my fine friends! It is another fantastic week of looking stylish every day and hopefully helping people! We have broken into the triple digits! The best part is that soon our number will be able to help with legal fees. Bless the helpful and generous people who are donating and keep up the goodContinue reading “Drescember Week 3 and Family”

Wedding On the Way

Happy Monday everyone! I am so excited to give you a quick wedding update! I have been meeting with so many people and connecting with those who understand how crazy planning a wedding can be. I think we have some things figured out. We have decided to have the wedding at my mother home. ItContinue reading “Wedding On the Way”

Peace Corps Questions!

Good Morning Everyone! So I wanted to do a quick update on my life before I started my post. Everyone has gotten into the new school year pretty well. Berry has made some new friends at his daycare in the two year olds room and is doing really well there. Horatio loves his job andContinue reading “Peace Corps Questions!”