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Last Minute Halloween

Hello Everyone,

One of my biggest problems with Halloween is having the perfect costumes for everyone without going broke. Do you know how expensive it is to go dressed as a muggle? I had the perfect costume but I was at a Halloween party recently and spilled hair potion all over it! I was in a pickle so I am sure you guys would like a list of easy to do Halloween costumes, right?

1. Be Me!


That’s right guys be me! Its a super easy costume that you most likely already own. All you need is black or white leggings and a purple shirt. Draw a star on the shirt and you are ready to get your candy on!

2. Where’s Waldo?


Super easy costume to make is to be wheres Waldo. This can go one of two ways. You can get a white and red sweater, pull on some black leggings, and grab your hat and glasses to walk out the door for the party where you won’t be cold. Or you can do it the fun way. Do not show up at the party and send a text the next day asking why they haven’t found you yet.

3. A Minion


You may hate the little guys, god knows I do and I created the spell to create them! But the outfits they wear are an easy costume. Grab a pair of overalls and a yellow shirt. Slip them on with a pair of glasses and walk out the door. This costume is perfect for babies like my Berry! Silp on that yellow jumper and head out the door.

4. Emoji

person holding round smiling emoji board photo
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A little face make-up and you are good to go! Pair it with a yellow shirt and some black leggings.

5. Ghost

pumpkin basket
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I know this is done a lot and is not fair to some of our ghostly friends but a sheet with some eyes cut out is the easiest thing to do when you are in a pinch.


Hope this helped you in your last minute costume freak outs!

Mark Oliver Wizard Goldstein

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